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8 FIBERGLASS. GRANITE. FLOWERS. PLASTIC. MARBLE. CEMENT. BRASS. I will be presumptuous and add another key ingredient to those that I may have inadvertently omitted or will be added as time goes by. In every studio that Joe has let me wander I have found at least one black and white photograph of Sophia Loren captured in the blush of youthful beauty and provocative full-figured innocence. It doesnt take an art historian or for that matter a dime store psychologist to make a confident guess that the presence of her disarming smile and carnal unselfconsciousness holds the unspoken promise that sensuality and love are the most effective balm for all open wounds and that this vibrant and breathtaking Italian beauty makes for a very strong case as to why it pays to get through just another day. There has been the same pervasive sense of control and self-curated discipline to all of Zitos workspaces. Sculptures from the past and present nestle along with possible candidates for future exhibitions. Smaller artworks are respectfully presented on the walls while other pieces can be found suspended in the air most typically by three wires. Sculptures of a more recent series are placed in far less comfortable almost random positions on the floor often left at a precarious tilt as part of his fluid experiment towards resolution and completion. Small square cages of thin industrial grade rebar with spindly extensions imprison delicate hand blown glass elements that add to a fragile interplay between elements. Aesthetics aside there is a brooding angst in the air triggered by his multiple variables on the hourglass shape a form that figured heavily in his last show at Lennon Weinberg. Chalk white blood red and midnight black seemed to be the predominant palette of most works solid and stoic in the sculpture fugitive and ethereal in the many watercolors that swirl like gas fumes. Some are framed some hand pinned and other small groups lean against the wall making specific reference to existing three-dimensional work while others can only be experienced as an inextricable part of a larger ensemble. Often in this permutation heavily textured paper is used with an image created by heating the metal sculpture mold and then using it as a repetitive branding device searing the paper surface into gradations of burnt caramel in a superimposed conga line of geometric form. It is not a coincidence that the first line of his biography has always read Joseph Zito was born lives and works in Brooklyn. It feels like not only a statement of fact but also an active celebration of local terroir a birthright