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13 the books premise. To prove his point hung it in effigy from the kind of scaffolding built in miniature which has become one of the detestable symbols of justice run amok. The only thing that I could do with a book like that which symbolizes everything I hated about racial stereotyping was to cast it in bronze watch the three originals that I purchased burn in the process and then hang the bronze books by a single wire dead weight and useless just as they deserved to be portrayed. The work was included in the 1997 exhibition in Lennon Weinbergs space on lower Broadway. Joe titled the show Tintinnabulum a term borrowed from the composer Arvo Prt whom he quotes directly in the modest but moving catalogue produced for the exhibition. Tintinnabulation is an area I sometimes wander into when I am searching for answers - In my life my music my work. In my dark hours I have the certain feeling that everything outside this one thing has no meaning. The complex and many-faceted only confuses me and I must search for unity. The word tintinnabulation relates specifically to the three notes of a triad which when combined in Prts words ring with the purity and clarity of a bell. It was in the spirit of this quote that wooden mallets were handed out at the opening and attendants were encouraged to hit the various works of art. The potent message was unequivocal in that there is a kind of absolution in the act of striking a blow at an offensive object finding a tonal beauty that pre-empts the visual ugliness of racial caricature and prejudice and most importantly by doing it as part of a public ritual of participation we are all the better for it. Included in the same exhibition hanging from two thin wires attached to the ceiling was a powerful piece cast in bronze titled Radiation Treatment Pillow. My father died right after Tintinnabulum Joe told me one evening in his studio and I was so affected by his death that I took a break from making art for a few years but soon realized that the only way to make my peace with such a loss was to continue making art that referenced him. As fate would have it just as he was beginning this new series the World Trade Center was attacked and in the unfathomable insanity of the event as he watched the carnage from his Brooklyn roof Joe knew that there were more important issues at stake than his own pain over his fathers death. In an evolving response to the attack on his home ground and the paroxysms of a misguided United States foreign policy Joes attention